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  • In order to manufacture different kinds of reinforced flexible graphite yarns to be used for making different kinds flexible graphite packings, we use flexible graphite as basic material, mixing with natural fiber,synthetic fiber,metal alloy wire (respectively) and proper binding agent,then through specially designed technological process. The packing made of these flexible graphite yarns reinforced by different kinds of fibers and metal alloy wires, are suitable for sealing under different media, circumstance, temperature and pressure. 

  • Knitted with an innovative expanded pure graphite yarn .has high strength and good flexibility .It can be used as packing and sealing .Expanded graphite tape with metallic wire is also available. 

  • Graphite Tube is a braided strip, made of expanded graphite yarn, normal with self adhesive on one side. Inconel wire reinforcement on request. It shows good thermal resistance and high elasticity. 

  • Woven by an innovative expanded pure graphite yarn .Has certain strength excellent flexibility and heat resistant .It can be used as fireproof cloth instead of asbestos cloth .Expanded graphite cloth with metallic wire is also available. 

  •  Graphite sheet or graphite roll is Selected from the high purity natural flake graphite. They are made through the advanced chemical treatment and mechanical procedure without fibers, binders or other additives. It offer excellent sealing capabilities under extreme conditions with a longer life and less maintenance. Unclear Energy Expanded Graphite Sheet, style: SINSTON ZR-NE20

  • SINSTON die formed ring are made of low-sulphur expanded graphite without any fillers or binders. They are compressed in precise moulding tools to the required density. Due to the high purity of the material (>98%), no special corrosion protection is required. In general, it has square section and also has V-shaped and wedge-shaped section, the rear two kinds style are suitable for high pressure sealing. 

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