G- PTFE Packing

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  • Braided from graphited PTFE (gPTFE) plain yarn. The packing is soft, with low density There are no free particles of graphite on surface and therefore no contamination can occur. 

  • Packing made of 100% gPTFE yarns, and re-impregnated with a silicone lubricant with density about 1.6g/cm3. It is also economical gPTFE packing.

  • This Packing is importing from GORE GFO Packing , we imported it from Chinese local Market , We don’t suggest our foreign customer buy this kind of packing , we suggest that buy our economical Graphite PTFE packing with oil . our style is SINSTON ZR-640Y, It is also economical gPTFE packing. 

  • Graphite PTFE Filament Yarn is made by our special technique, high strength PTFE filament Filament pretreated with graphite impregnation. The packing contains more graphite content compared with normal gPTFE, it has very low friction and good thermal conductivity of graphite, The characteristics is excellent, just has cross-sectional density, and some particles of graphite on surface. it almost suits for most of chemical media. It is new style.

  • The Packing made of PTFE graphite yarn and blended with silicone rubber core at central positions,having excellent compression-comprensating power.

  • The Packing made of Kevlar-lined graphite filler PTFE coresubsamples line of weaving. Oil lubrication.With high mechanical strength and excellent chemical resistance, good self-run,low coefficient of friction , high thermal conductivity. Integrated high-performance aramid packing Graphite PTFE with the advantages of anti-extrusion is a common and four times PTFE Packing, sutable for high resistance to oxidation and high mechanical strength of the ideal packing.

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