Fiberglass Cloth

Fiberglass Cloth is a roving plain woven fabric, which is an important substrate for hand lay-up glass reinforced plastic. The strength of the woven fabric is mainly in the warp and weft direction of the fabric. For the case where the warp or weft strength is required, it can also be woven into a unidirectional cloth, which can arrange more roving in the warp or weft direction. Warp cloth, single weft cloth.

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  • It is Made of non texturized glassfiber yarns, these cloths appear smooth and have higher weight than the texturized glassfiber cloth. They can be produced by different kinds of weaving---plain, twill, satin. They are widely used in thermal insulation and can be treated in different ways in order to meet specific purposes. Normal for heat shields, removable insulation covers, fire curtains, expansion joints. 

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